MProof is your true collaborative proofing application that expedites proofing and keeps track of edits and proofing rounds. Companies use this proofing system internally within their entire ad production team and also externally with ad agencies, printers, or other partners.

MProof works seamlessly within your organizational structure and is easy-to-use with minimal training required.

Proofing can slow down ad production and is sometimes overwhelming with rounds and rounds of revisions sent via email with no way to track them. MProof keeps everyone on the same page and every change in the same system.

Better proofing means better ads and more time you can spend on company strategy and other tasks.

MEditor || Brand-Controlled Template Editor

With multiple locations, several marketing channels and a wide audience, it's easy for your company's branding to get lost in the mix.

MEditor is a web-based branding application that allows designated users to edit certain fields in previously-uploaded design files without any design skills needed and without compromising the branding of the piece.

Users can make the piece very specific to their location and customers to increase the relevance and return of the piece. Once the user is done editing, they can output the file to print or even use our MCM Central application to distribute the piece via email.

MEditor is perfect for organizations with strict brand standards and multiple locations, such as a chain or franchise.

MCM DAM || Digital Asset Management

Like many companies we work with, your advertising assets - such as photos, documents and design files - are most likely in many locations. On your computer, flash drives, cds, dvds, external hard drive, with your ad agency...the list goes on.

Imagine one digital asset management system to store and retrieve assets in an organized, searchable way. Save time, money, and your sanity.

With every asset in one system, and a quick ad process, you won't have to waste time and money paying a photographer to re-shoot a photograph of an item or a designer to redesign a file you used in the past. Give internal and external users, such as your design agency, permissions to access the system with limited or full functionality.

With our optional full-service support, MCM Technologies can help you import, name and organize all of your assets into our MCM DAM system.

Digital Asset Organization

  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Copy
  • Pricing
  • Design files
  • Final files

MStore || Web to Print Storefront


MSTORE is a web-to-print dynamic storefront presence that engages end users and simplifies the product customization, purchase and shipping processes.

MSTORE is user-friendly for both store-owners and shoppers, without any design skills required, and provides the perfect platform for capturing customer data for future marketing efforts.

Already have a web store?

We offer complete transfer help including user migration from your current system and training.

MCM Platform || Creation, Communication, Evaluation

MCM Platform Image New

How do you communicate to all of your customers through multiple channels with multiple processes and systems and maintain brand integrity, ensure efficiency and promote effectiveness?

MCM Platform is accessible via a single online interface and helps companies complete and improve their marketing production cycle, giving marketers every tool they need from digital asset management to ad building and editing tools, distribution and evaluation of marketing efforts.

Tools that are included in the MCM Platform today include:

  • MCM Central - Marketing Distribution Tool
  • MCM DAM - Digital Asset Management
  • MPlanner - Web-based Ad Planning Tool
  • MBuilder - Automated Ad Production
  • MEditor - Brand-Controlled Template Edit and Output
  • MProof - Online Proof
  • MDASH - Marketing Dashboard that Monitors and Reports Marketing Channels

With no previous software training knowledge required and minimal new training needed, companies can experience the benefits of MCM Platform almost immediately.

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