HappyShopper interactive ecommerce website platform

HappyShopper is an interactive web platform that enables businesses to create a positive shopper experience and drive shopper activity around the clock -- even when they're not in your store.

The way HappyShopper is integrated into your business's site is completely up to you. We help our clients integrate functionality that drives their specific shopper base. Whether that is making your printed circular available online with additional interactivity like a shopping list, coupons, and recipes. Or maybe their hot button is a product-feature page, blog, shopping online (e-commerce) or a custom application.

MCM Technologies' happyshopper will help you make your shoppers Happy Shoppers. And, we all know that a HAPPY shopper spends more, more often. And tells his friends to shop there, too.

Call MCM Technologies today to schedule your happyshopper demo and to see how we can completely transform your website and your website's results.


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