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How do you communicate to all of your customers through multiple channels with multiple processes and systems and maintain brand integrity, ensure efficiency and promote effectiveness?

MCM Platform is accessible via a single online interface and helps companies complete and improve their marketing production cycle, giving marketers every tool they need from digital asset management to ad building and editing tools, distribution and evaluation of marketing efforts.

Tools that are included in the MCM Platform today include:

  • MCM Central - Marketing Distribution Tool
  • MCM DAM - Digital Asset Management
  • MPlanner - Web-based Ad Planning Tool
  • MBuilder - Automated Ad Production
  • MEditor - Brand-Controlled Template Edit and Output
  • MProof - Online Proof
  • MDASH - Marketing Dashboard that Monitors and Reports Marketing Channels

With no previous software training knowledge required and minimal new training needed, companies can experience the benefits of MCM Platform almost immediately.

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